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Take charge! Handle the entire customer subscription billing life cycle

Zoho Subscriptions

Make it your own! Tailor the subscription experience

With Zoho Subscriptions, you can choose the invoice templates you want to send out and make them reflect your brand. Add your company logo, include your terms & conditions, and customize every element of your invoice.

Tweak and tune your hosted payment page to make sure that it echoes your brand. Use customizable elements to convey all the important information to your prospects before they subscribe to your product or service.

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Manage multiple subscriptions

Subscription management gets complicated when customers have multiple subscriptions. Make it easy with Zoho Subscriptions.


Get flexible with pricing plans and trials

Zoho Subscriptions lets you add and manage multiple pricing plans to your product or service. This enables you to reach out to a wider range of potential customers. You can get a sneak-peek into all the pricing details from a single screen. You can also allow people to take your products for a spin, by offering a trial period.


Grow! Attract crowds with coupons

Promote your business and increase sales using coupons. Create a variety of coupons to get your customers to try a newly introduces service, or cross-sell products and manage said coupons in Zoho Subscriptions.


Provide clarity to customers with a self-service portal

With Zoho Subscriptions' Customer Portal, your customers can view information regarding their subscriptions, invoices, payments made, and statements themselves, without having to wait for you to send them information. They can also update their card and contact details right from the portal.

Simplify customer subscription management with Zoho Subscriptions.

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