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Zoho Sprints

Tailor your projects to suit the exact needs of your team

With Zoho Sprints, you can create roles for the various designations in your team and create profiles to regulate access privileges for each member. Using this feature, you can extensively customize what a person can and cannot access within each module.

Organize members in your teams based on their roles, profiles, or as individual users - into a user group. User groups can be given a name and can be tagged in statuses and comments.

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Extend the power of Sprints

Get more than what we offer in our native application by using our extensibility features.


Numbers don't lie

Turn raw data into actionable insights and watch your team improve with each sprint. Use agile reports to evaluate and improve your sprint performance consistently.

conversations matter

Conversations Matter

Create a space that encourages discussions and brainstorming. Encourage face-to face communication by making agile meetings a part of your workflow.

Personalize your projects

Personalize your projects

Every project has a personality of its own. Use custom fields to give the context and depth that each project deserves. Leave no room for doubt - build specific layouts to make sure your work items are as detailed as possible.

Deliver fast. Deliver right.

Plan your releases and track your progress with our release reports. Our release management module coupled with our Jenkins integration will ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

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