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Sign effortlessly

Digitally sign documents yourself and email the signed copies to others, get documents signed on the spot, or send documents to request signatures.

Zoho Sign

Going Paperless

A digital signature is exactly what it sounds like a modern alternative to signing documents with paper and pen.

Zoho Sign provides you a simple, yet powerful user interface to digitally sign business documents. You can also automate the digital workflows as per your company's requirements and stay compliant with local and international e-signature standards.

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The quick, easy way to sign, send and manage documents

Learn how easy it is to digitally sign, send, and manage legally binding documents securely using Zoho Sign.


Stay compliant

Zoho Sign offers military-grade encryption and ensures the highest level of data security. It complies with the most current e-signature laws: ESIGN and eIDAS.


Configure workflow

Define the signing order when sending a document to multiple recipients, and control how they receive and sign your documents.


Track document status

Track every step of the document signing process with our comprehensive audit trail. Receive instant alerts and notifications on the status of each document.

Let's help you go digital

Digital signatures also provide additional information such as the origin of the message, status, and consent by the signer.

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