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Getting together to get more work done.

Zoho Connect

All about bringing the team together

Inspiration can come at the most unexpected times. A post in your group is all it takes to share ideas and get your team involved. The group wall is where a post turns into a team conversation, where discussions lead to more ideas, where ideas get refined, ready to be translated into teamwork.

Bring work files to one place, so all of you can access them when needed. Create documents with your team using our online editors and turn writing into a collaborative process.

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Zoho Connect for team collaboration

From keeping your workplace communication organized, to managing the resources your team needs, to staying in sync with your other apps, Zoho Connect makes your team's work easier.


Automate tasks, stay productive

Use intelligent forms to collect and process data. Build workflows to save time and effort that you can invest in productive work, instead


Channel discussions in realtime

Create channels to communicate in realtime with your team and make time-sensitive decisions happen faster.


Plan. Prioritize. Perform

Create plans for your ideas and assign tasks to the right people. Track the progress of work, so you and your team can keep the focus on what's important.

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