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Engage your subscribers with eye-catching newsletters.

Introducing Zoho Campaigns


Designing beautiful newsletters doesn't have to be tedious. Zoho Campaigns offers a variety of responsive email templates and customizable layouts for you to quickly create impressive newsletters.

Build your own email newsletter by using simple layouts that are completely customizable. Drag and drop images, content blocks, and social icons, then rearrange them as you need.

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I'm ready for email marketing. Any tips?

That's great news! Let's start from the ground up. We definitely have some tips that can guide you into effective email marketing.


Begin with a plan

Begin your email marketing with a definitive purpose and let your emails revolve around that. Having an actionable goal for your every email campaign helps you get the reach you want.


Avoid buying lists

Work effectively as teams even from different locations. Plan and monitor your projects, assign work items, allocate resources, prioritize tasks and make your work count.


Keep an eye on your email patterns

While it's okay to feel upbeat about sending multiple email campaigns, you need to check your email-sending frequency. Make sure that you send only the necessary number of emails; don't overwhelm your recipients.