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Software Health and Economics

With its partnership with Silverthread's CodeMRI, Centrax helps you bridge the gap between your business goals and technical insight.

Software drives many businesses today with the digital revolution. However, executives have little or no insight into how their software investment has impacted their organization. Software Economics provides executives with an overview of how to use their software to its full potential to meet all their business goals.

Centrax will work with you to define critical software investment strategies to meet your business goals. These business goals all revolve around some fundamental economic principles:

  • Increased Revenue.
  • Cost Reduction.
  • Optionality.

SilverThread Platform

Centrax Partners with SilverThread to assess the quality of your software. We use machine learning to evaluate your software's alignment with your company's business goals.

The output is insight into your software and step-by-step guides into how to repair software with poor design quality.

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