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Online Video Solutions

Define, design and execute OVP strategies that drive The Future of Television.

Platforms for every Video Delivery

Broadcast Landscape is evolving rapidly and to get ahead, you need expertise that can help you understand quickly the impact and opportunities that new media technologies will have on your relationship with clients.

Centrax offers market-leading video platform, video player, and wide array of video solutions are deployed globally across thousands of enterprises, media companies, service providers, and educational institutions, leveraging video to teach, learn, communicate, collaborate, and entertain.


Broadcast and Media Transformation

As the digital transformation of the media industry puts greater power in the consumer’s hands, media companies are looking towards scalable, cloud-based solutions to help them adapt.

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What We Offer

Building Hybrid TV Experiences

Centrax offers end to end solutions from creating a website, uploading video, encoding video, video playback to user management for both video on demand and live streaming.


Online Video and TV Cloud

Today's broadcasters must originate and store a variety of compelling content and transmit it to their viewers consistently and reliably.

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Addressable TV Advertising

Addressable TV is setting the new standard for linear TV advertising by creating a completely new inventory for advertisers use.

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Content Services

An eco-system of premium content from hundreds of leading majors film studios, television networks and local/independent producers, with a current title library of over 50,000 hours under management.

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Dynamic Advertising Solution

TV Spots

Reach | Impact | Brand-Engagement


Programmable | L-banner | Standard


Scheduled | Triggered


Scheduled | Triggered

Video Delivery and Processing Solutions

Move, Deliver and Process Media Assets.


Signiant - Media Mover

We Deliver Signiant solutions that are essential wherever there is a need to move large files with speed, reliability, and security.

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AWS Elemental - Video Processing

Fast, Cost-Efficient, Easy to Scale AWS Elemental cloud and on-premises video processing, storage, and monetization, simplified.

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Nevion - Virtualised Media Production

Whatever your IP media transport, processing, monitoring and management need, make sure you talk to the pioneers, the guides, the creators and the experts.

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Muvi - Streaming Platform

Muvi is the first-choice of leading film studios, television networks, independent content owners, artists, entrepreneurs, and literally everyone who believes in the power of video and audio to reach out to their audience for better connectivity and communication.

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Vela Encompass - Compliance Recording

Compliance Monitoring & Logging • Content Capture & Recording • Live Newsroom Workflow Advertising Operations Support • HLS Transcoding • OTT/OPV/Cloud Services Integration.

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Zixi - Video over IP

Why choose Zixi for video transport over IP? Because we have done it all. The last decade has brought seismic shifts in viewer behavior, met by an explosion in industry advancements. As a result our customers are changing the way they do business.

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Media Operations Outsourcing

Content Acquisition and Ingest

Program Scheduling and Traffic Control

Packaging and Distribution

Playout and Monitoring