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The digital transformation of healthcare

Secure platforms for remote healthcare services.

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Provide care from anywhere

There is no doubt that healthcare industry is one of the most dynamic sectors in the world. As governments and healthcare workers around the world do their best to overcome the many challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Centrax plays a role to offer the best platforms that can help facilitate medical consultations for those who are home-bound during this crisis.

Healthcare professionals can now access vital patient records and share their opinions from any part of the world.

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Telehealth platform

Secure platform for remote healthcare services.

Schedule medical appointments

Telehealth solution offers its users the ability to instantly hold online video consultations with their doctors from home.

Easy joining for patients

Anyone needing your medical advice can join the session you schedule by just clicking the link you share.

Real-time video to aid diagnosis

The more you know about your patients’ symptoms, the better you can diagnose their condition.

Screen sharing as a visual aid

While telemedicine focuses on remote clinical services, telehealth involves providing education and awareness.

Share useful resources through chat

Telehealth allows healthcare providers to make use of a wide range of resources available online.

Secure online tool

Secure online solution that protects the privacy of everybody who uses it.

Booking software for healthcare

Last-minute bookings, rescheduling, and cancellations are common in the medical industry.

On-demand scheduling

Set up your business hours, upload your logo, add a custom welcome message, and viola - your booking page.

Accessible appointment history

Each patient's appointment history will be available for access anytime.

Multiple staff schedules

Invite other physicians you work with and let them set up their schedules.

A compliance-driven file management system for healthcare.

Improve operational efficiency.

Provide care from anywhere

Healthcare professionals can now access vital patient records and share their opinions from any part of the world.

Maintain patients' privacy

The solution adheres to ISO 27001 and SOC - 2 standards, and ensures data stays secured at both physical and digital level.

Enhaced auditing and disaster recovery

Identify any unauthorized access or edits to reports through logs and deeply monitor every activity performed.

Medical form templates for doctors and health care professionals.

If you're a medical professional, you deal with a variety of people each day, beyond time constrains.

Patient admission

Share your admission form online, so that patients can access it on their mobile phones, and avoid queuing your hospital or clinic.

Patient details form

Display the QR code for your patient details form, and allow patients to fill in their details.

Patient progress form

Patient tracking form with staff and get regular updates and Triage your patients, and spend more time on emergencies, while your staff takes care of the rest.

Online Expense Reporting Software for the Healthcare Industry

Treat your patients without having to worry about expense reporting challenges.

Policy Allotment

Provides clear expense limits, daily employee allowances and vehicle mileage rates to track travel expenses per km/mile.

Easy User Interface

The platform can provides a clutter-free user experience that caters to businesses of all sizes.

Global Currency Management

Healthcare organization at conferences and trade shows around the world can report expenses in any currency.

Personalized Approval Flows

Create criteria based approval flows, auto-approve and auto-reject reports in accordance to your hospital's functioning.

Measure Your Money

Analytics lets you view and track expense reports based on expense categories, and helps you make smarter spending decisions.

Billable & Mileage Expenses

Pharmaceutical employees distributing to drug stores can export billable expenses as a single report to buyers.

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