Business Intelligence and Analytics


Centrax provides a comprehensive solution to accelerate end-to-end BI and Big Data Analytics maturity journey to turn data into business outcomes and growth.

Centrax’s deep domain experience and industry specific prebuilt differentiated solutions are proven to be an ideal choice for organizations embarking on their ROI driven BI and Big Data Analytics journey. The solution covers the entire landscape starting from discovering the relevant data and defines the information model, consolidation of technology platforms & environments, real time data integration and finally delivering actionable insights through advanced analytics for business.


New Age businesses have to deal with ubiquitous data, an inevitable upshot due to digitalization. Every touch point of your business - from sales to customer care, HR to Social Network and financials to shop-floor, it is inundated with volumes of data and you simply cannot ignore it as there is so much information to be harnessed that can deliver immense business value.

Innovative and emerging Big Data and Analytical Services can be your answer. More than the management of the size of the data, it provides a sea of opportunities to find new and valuable insights from the myriad data sources, at varying speeds and types. Yet, with so many emerging trends around it, you need to carefully evaluate what best suits you and who can deliver that.

Driving Growth and Transformation Through Business Intelligence.

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