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Vela Encompass 5.0

Comprehensive Compliance Monitoring Multiviewer & Smart Logger.

Compliance Monitoring

A comprehensive original and proxy quality 24/7 capture solution with live-multiviewer, QoS monitoring/logging/alerting and Transport Stream analytics, integrated with As-Run logs for internal air-check and ad-verification and a host of features and tools for clipping and repurposing back-to-air or OTT/Social, competition monitoring, ratings graphing, HLS packaging, and competitor-aired ad-identification with lead-list generation for sales.


Content Capture & Recording

Capture your MPTS or SPTS and save them as individual full/native resolution single program transport streams for easy search and export. Each stream is transcoded into a low res proxy for easy playback, review, segmenting, and download through a web browser.

Compliance Monitoring & Logging

Monitor transport stream parameters per ETSI TR101.290, with 24x7 monitoring and logging of Loudness/LKFS per ATSC A/85 CALM Act, 24x7 monitoring and logging of 608 and 708 closed captioning, PSIP logging and loss of PSIP detection, black screen detection, loss of audio detection, and ratings watermark detection and logging with configurable alarms and thresholds on each parameter within each stream.

HLS Transcoding & Streaming

Monetize your content by enabling HLS encoding/streaming. Create reference files from captured streams, add WebVTT captioning, and perform unlimited HLS transcodes using NVidia technology without incurring metered cloud service charges.

Live Newsroom Workflow

Create clips in real-time from live broadcasts.

OTT/OPV Integration

Smooth integration with major cloud service providers including AWS, Elemental, Azure and Wowza.

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